Arknights: Endfield is a real-time 3D RPG with strategic elements by HYPERGRYPH. Take up the role of the Protocol Field Recovery Department Endministrator, clear your assignments, and explore the frontiers.

PlatformsPlayStation 5, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS
GenresStrategy Video Game, Role-playing Video Game, Adventure game, Fighting game
PublishersHypergryph, Gryph Frontier PTE. LTD.
Official WebsiteArknights: Endfield Website

Arknight: Endfield Release Date and Time

Before starting with other information, let's start with the release date first (which is to be sure the most important thing to know for those who are interested in the game).
Currently, there is no official date yet. There is only speculation roaming around the fanbase where it is expected to be released somewhere between mid-to-late 2024. Take it with a huge amount of salt since it's only a rumor and it's better to be patient and wait for an official announcement from the game.

What's the Storyline inside Arknight: Endfield

Arknight: Endfield took place in the realm of Talos II, home to monsters known as the 'Aggeloi.' You will play as the Endministrator, also dubbed as the trump card of Endfield Industries based on the rumors that claim the Endministrator always showed up whenever a crisis hits Endfield Industries or Talos-II.
Based on the various trailers on the official YouTube channel, it has been mentioned that you need to keep moving toward the planet's northernmost point in order to preserve civilization. At the same time traveling there, you also need to protect the massive Originium Reactor.

What's the Arknight: Endfield Gameplay Looks Like

A few details about the in-game features are revealed in the video, such as your ability to deploy various types of constructs in bases, assemble a team of up to four characters that you can quickly switch between, and engage in swift combat with opponents in the open world. In addition, we get to see a few additional mechanics like fast travel, crafting, and other things.

If you play Aether Gazer, I'm sure you see the similarities where your entire party can battle alongside you on the field. The difference between these 2 games is Arknight: Endfield offers an open-world environment, unlike Aether Gazer. That also includes creating structures and collecting materials.
Up to four characters can be included in your party, and they can all be strengthened in different ways, such as by leveling up or acquiring better weapons. They also have a ton of abilities that you can improve using certain materials. Character investment is rather similar to a lot of the games in HoYoverse, such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.
Yes, I include lots of other similar games for comparison but not to undermine this game! But to make you understand it easier on how the games operate with other games as examples.

What Genshin Impact doesn't have is constructing structures in the open world, and this is where Arknight: Endfield shines the most. In fact, building structures seems to be the core gameplay and is essential in the game to explore the area around you. For instance, you can go through the region rapidly via zip lines, and you can access your stores and summon allies using pylons.

Arknight: Endfield Technical Test

This article has mentioned 'Technical Test' multiple times, but if you're new to the game, the Technical Test is simply the beta test version for Arknight: Endfield. It started on January 12 and ended on January 21. Yes, you read it right, it was already over. That's another reason why the speculation of the release date was roaming around.

Sign Up Time: 2023 Dec 8, 00:30 - 2023 Dec 24, 15:59 (UTC)
Starting Time: January 12
End Time: January 21

How the Character Looks Like in Arknight: Endfield

In the latest Technical Test, there are a total of 9 playable characters including your own persona- the Endministrator. Just like most Gacha games, you can choose to play as the female Endministrator or male Endministrator. After choosing your protagonist, you will be accompanied by various characters on your journey:

Perlica: Supervisor of Endfield Industries in charge of directing various operations in the Endfield.

Wulfgard: A young mercenary living on the fringes of civilization and a former member of the Landbreaker clan.

Xaihi: A mysterious girl with vast and seemingly trivial knowledge. Very few know anything about her except that she came from an isolated and mysterious place.

Ember: A knight wandering in the North. Once served in a military known as the Order of Steel Oath.

Avywenna: A former Armed Messenger of the Talos-II General Chamber of Commerce (TGCC) and a professional combatant.

Angelina: A Rhodes Island Operator dispatched to Endfield. A gifted combatant, and she also mastered the extremely rare anti-gravity aspect of the Originium Arts.

Chen Qianyu: A specialist operator of Endfield Industries and serves as Perlica's personal security detail.

Fjall: The legendary Beastslayer from the Order of Steel Oath. But after getting tired of endless carnage and battle, he returned to Civilization Band and took up the medical profesion.

Each character will have their own Ultimate animation in the game (and of course, different skill set and attack animation), and you can check it above. But remember that it's from the Technical Test and is not considered to be the final product yet.